Trademark, Identity Design, Brand Strategy

Design and strategy for a couple’s vision for a unique travel experience, giving people a chance to truly reconnect with nature in Colorado.

The brand’s visual identity is inspired by the natural landscape and speaks to being one with nature, travel, and adventure. Creating a system to that is inviting, calming and can be used in all situations regardless of medium.

Eco-friendly dome camping. The focus is to be an environmentally responsible getaway with access to lush outdoor living and the best tranquility Colorado has to offer.

From the moment of arrival you start to reconnect with nature and leave modern life at the parking lot. As you immerse yourself in the lush and natural environment you’ll find relaxation awaiting at your personal dome. Equipped with luxury bedding, a wood-burning fireplace and most importantly, scenic views.

So impressive how they are able to infuse different themes with colors, fonts, and logos! We are totally in love with our brand they created.

Patty Bobzin