Oasis Investment Group

Logo design, brand identity, website design, collateral

Rebranding an investement group focussed on rebuilding black communities, one investment at a time.

The revamped brand identity centered on enhancing the overall brand, with a primary emphasis on a new logomark. This logomark ingeniously merged the idea of an 'O' for 'OASIS' with the symbolism of community roots converging to create new opportunities.

The new identity and collateral needed to reflect the experience and momentum the founders have built on. Using colors found within inner-cities and construction, modern typography and bold imagery the new identity has lifted the perception of their brand to attract more investors interested in their mission.

As an investment group, it's paramount for them to instill trust, foster a sense of community integration, and convey a clear vision and message. Oasis provides the local community with opportunities to invest in the reclamation, redevelopment, and revitalization of their neighborhoods.

VERY IMPRESSED! You continue to over deliver! This is exactly what we needed and better than we expected. We love how it’s turning out. Thank you for all of your work overall, you really elevated our branding. Hopefully this is the first of many collaborations.

Michael Amir - Co-Founder
Oasis Investment Group