Trademark, Identity System, Social Creative

Vanways offers camper van rentals to all who want to experience van-life and see the southwest region of the United States. They were in need of a brand identity to set them apart and have their fleet of vans recognizable and unique.

We crafted a unique logo and visual style based off their vision of modern, timeless, travel and boho. We suggested combining the two words "Van" and "Ways" to develop a brand name that rolls off the tongue like Petco, Vodafone or Bandaid.

Combining the V and W into a monogram that includes a pin to indicate travel and mapping locations to visit. The logomark also takes on the shape of a compass which insinuates direction and movement.

We developed a color palette that was neutral and calming you'd find out in the elements like green, tan and sunset gold. We paired this with a modern typeface that feels modern and stylish.

We absolutely love our new logo and brand details. It's exactly what we had in mind for a modern camper van business. We are super excited to wrap our new vans with our new branding!

Sharayah Roche