Strategy, Brand Identity, Logo, Website

The challenge was to translate this innovative, user-friendly product into a compelling brand that could resonate with people seeking affordable and accessible back pain relief.

Before we could start designing, it was crucial to fully understand Baxsi. This device represented a perfect fusion of ergonomic design and advanced technology, offering a holistic approach to back pain relief, all while being easy to use and affordable.

Our team conducted extensive market research to understand the target audience and their pain points. We found that many individuals suffering from back pain were seeking a non-invasive, convenient, and cost-effective solution they could use in the comfort of their own homes. This insight became the cornerstone of our branding strategy.

The key message was "Move Freely, Again." This slogan encapsulated the product's core benefits: non-invasive, user-friendly, and affordable back pain relief in the comfort of one's own home, but also speaks to a life that they once lived that was more fulfilled without pain getting in their way.

This case study highlights how effective branding can transform a product like Baxsi, which is non-invasive, easy to use, affordable, and designed for at-home use, into a household name. Through a careful balance of design, messaging, and marketing, we were able to create a brand that touched the lives of those in need of back pain relief without the need for invasive procedures or hefty expenses.

In the world of branding and design, it's not just about creating a pretty picture; it's about telling a compelling story. And in this case, that story was one of accessible relief, right at home.

We invested time in searching for top-notch designers and ultimately chose Uppermost to bring our product vision to life as a brand. Our excitement knows no bounds, as this partnership has not only enabled us to realize our vision but has also enriched our understanding of effectively communicating our product and brand.

Darrie Ichilov - Founder